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  1. pgcapsalford says:

    LTHE module

    My dear colleagues,

    Please note, this is generic cohort feedback on the work completed and seen so far

    Overall engagement: This has increased as the weeks progressed and I am pleased that many of you are now reflecting more regularly. A small minority is still not engaging (enough)!!! We are using the portfolio as a progressive way to carry out assessment for learning. You can edit and finalise your work included there until submission which is the 24 May 12. Please remember that the reflections should be completed during the module and NOT at the end.

    Commenting: Remember that the reflections are peer and tutor assessed. So please start commenting on your peers’ posts on a regular basis and until submission. Also, comment on the feedback I provide. The portfolio gives us the opportunity to conduct asynchronous ongoing learning conversations. I would like it to feel more like a dialogue instead of a monologue… and get an indication that you are actually reading and responding to my comments and suggestions.

    Literature: The majority of you have shown limited engagement with the literature. Remember that engagement with the literature, generic pedagogic literature and subject-specific are included in the assessment criteria. It will be very useful to study the core texts (see also weekly discussions and chapters mentioned there and the module guide)! Also, the action learning set chapters, but also discipline specific journals that will provide a rich insight into what is happening in your discipline/professional area. The HEA website is always a good starting point too! See for example

    Reflections: Many are still of descriptive nature. Remember to be more focused, analytical and critical. Move away from the what you do, to the how you do it but most importantly analyse the why!!! This is vital. There is help in Blackboard, see the SOS folders to develop reflection further. You are required to complete all the observations and reflect on these in your portfolio.

    Harvard Referencing: Please remember that all sources used MUST be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System, even websites! And if you include a direct quote, you will have to also add the exact page number. Again, there is help with Referencing in Blackboard and Student Life can also be contacted if you need more support and guidance on this.

    Educational Autobiography: The majority of educational biographies have now been added. Remember to identify opportunities to make links to generic pedagogic literature. Help: core texts, see weekly discussions and action learning set book chapters. Use literature only when needed to strengthen your viewpoint or contrast. Avoid adding it just because you think you have to. Include specific needs analysis and action plan linked to this module. Help: see intended learning outcomes, UK PSF, use teaching wheel and UK PSF template provided! Important! During the professional discussion you will need to refer to the educational autobiography!

    Media: Really pleased that many of you are experimenting with still and moving images, cartoons as well and have been very creative with your portfolio. It would be great if we can showcase some of you work outside the cohort and the PGCAP. You have been the most creative cohort so far, I have to say.

    Use of the portfolio: It is wonderful to see that some of you are also using the portfolio to capture further activities, beyond the current module and have shared this with your students. This is a great opportunity to enable a wider conversation about practice with your students and I am really pleased that you have seen value in this. It would be lovely to find out what you students think about this and in what way this is useful for their learning.

    Professional discussions page: NO written prep is required. I noticed that some of you have used this page to revisit some of the things we did on this module and their learning. If this helps, please feel free to do this. Most of you will probably have a blank page where we will add the summative feedback for the professional discussion. I have now decided to also include a more creative element during the professional discussions.

    Overall, I think many of you have started engaging in a meaningful way with the portfolio and I am really pleased about this. There is a need for all of you to capture your reflections and start exchange comments in the next few weeks and I hope that the Easter Break will give you some breathing space. Remember the buddy system as well (see Blackboard for more details).

    If you experience any problem with the work you have to complete for this module, please get in touch with me as soon as possible so that we can discuss this and find a way forward.

    I hope this is useful.

    Chrissi 3 April 12

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