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  1. pgcapsalford says:

    Hi Craig,

    A good reflection to adapt practice, influenced by the PGCAP. Excellent engagement coming through about creativity in work and recognition of different pedagogical approaches, example of tiered learning material in sessions. Good reflection on agility in classroom situations. Reflection is heading toward a clear path for future development.

    Criteria 1
    pass (excellent) – You demonstrated high level of competence in areas that are relevant to the module. There is evidence of deep and critical engagement with appropriate aspects of the areas of activity, core knowledge and values of the UK PSF.

    Criteria 3
    pass (good) – Your reflections are a mix of surface (i.e. tends towards descriptive) and deep levels of reflection. There is evidence of self-analysis and learning during the module. You provided an action plan with some specific details. Some clear links between plan and reflection are evident. Minimal work needed to achieve excellent.

    Mark: Good +

    Janice Whatley and Denis McGrath

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