ALT Questionairre results

Questionnaire Results (20 Level  5 undergraduate responses: all answers are un-edited)

Since the beginning of term I have been exploring the effectiveness of offering movie recordings of my delivered sessions that are available to you on Blackboard. This has been conducted in an attempt to create a better learning experience for students. This has been part of my project for a technology enhanced learning module that I am conducting at the University. I wish to gauge student’s opinions of their usefulness and how I might take them forward with your valued feedback. The Questionnaire is anonymous so please be truthful. Many thanks for your time.

1.       Have you used any of the Online lecture captures of the computing sessions that have been located on Blackboard.

Yes         85%

No          15%

2.       If not, is there anytime you think you may use them in the future.


Before a hand-in                              0%

Next Year                                            0%

Over the Christmas Break            66.7%

Over the Summer                            33.3%

3.       I have developed full length lecture captures (1-2 hours) and shorter key concept captures (10 minutes). Which do you prefer?

Full length lecture capture (1-2 hours)                    25%

Shorter key concept movies (10 minutes)             75%

4.       What are your opinions of the full length lecture captures (1-2 hours)?


They are good but prefer the shorter length videos.

Too long and time consuming to watch, prefer watching the shorter videos then having a go myself and referring back to them.

Enables successful repetition of the practice and makes it easier to capture misunderstood information.

Too long, would lose attention easy.

Good for catching up when i miss something due to facebook…

Far to long. Need the videos to recap on what was taught in lecture. So just the main points are needed

Seem too long and don’t often have time to sit and watch them. If I’m looking for something in particular I have to search through the whole film.

They can drag on abit and I have lost focus at times because of the length of the video

It is still very helpful. My very busy life doesn’t let me to go through all.

Very useful and in depth but of course take up a lot of time and unless there is a lot of free time watching the lectures can end up getting in the way of other things.

Good as they give full insight and clear understanding

It’s hard to stay focused on watching a lecture for that long, become easily distracted

They’re too long. When videos are that long, I skip through to certain parts I feel are more relevant.

Bit long, dont really get to give it all my full attention

Find them more useful because the explanations are extensive , but i can still flick through to the parts i am interested in

good as i need to brush up on solidworks

too long may not have enough time in some cases

very hard to find the time at home to sit through something so long

full length lecture gives out more info for me to understand


5.      What are your opinions of the shorter key concept movies (10 minutes)?

 Good because you can get the key points in and quick to find important points you need.

There really helpful for refreshing what we learnt in class

Useful as they capture the key parts of the session, However I feel that these are not as helpful as the full length captures as you cant repeat everything.

Quick easy ways to learn and can watch it whenever.

They’re good for when i come a cross a simple problem whilst modelling.

Great. Straight to the point. no messing around. everything needed to learn that skill.

Brief but oversee most areas of concern.

They’re better than the longer lecture video, because it holds your attention better.

Brilliant and very helpful to review the session

Also very useful, nice short clips of information and easy to follow. The shorter time means that they are much easier to take in.

To short

much preferred to the longer presentations, easier to refer to to practice skills

They are better because they hold your attention and you remember what you have just seen

I don’t lose concentration or get bored. Take up less of my time so I can spend more time doing work myself.

Good for catching up on what i’ve missed and recapping if i want to remember how to do something

I think i could use them as recap

ok for the more knowledgable learner of solidworks

much better focussing on the key aspects which are needed… less time consuming and handy for quick results

bitesize, easier to take things in

good for a quick review


6.      Have they helped you with your studies, if so why?

Yes, they give you quick tips on different types of design techniques.

Yes they have helped me get better at solidworks and try to do things again that I struggled with in class

Indeed they have because there has been a number of things that I have not understood during the session, but have been able to attempt again and understand more so as a result of such digital practice.

No, because i havent used them yet.

Yes, no only with assigned modules on the course but also with products i’m working on in my own time.

Yep helped to understand how to use the softwear and what tools do what

Yes, have been able to go home and reflect on what we have done in lectures

Yes. They have helped because at times you can lose your place or focus in a lecture and the shorter videos recap the main points.

Yes, they have. If I missing some points in the class, I can catch it up later.

They have helped me to pick up things that i may have needed more help with and its nice to know that the information is there should i need to access it again for any reason.

No not yet as i have not used them

Not yet, as no solidworks models have been needed yet, but they will help before christmas i’m sure

yes for practice of skills

Not yet, as I have not needed to look back on them yet, however I’m sure they will be useful in the future.

Yes, they have allowed me to go over what has been done previously and apply it to other aspects of my work

I feel the need to revisit some of the things i’ve learnt during tutorials, because I don’t remember everything. Useful if i don’t know what a certain function does or if there is a twist to some functions/order of building features, parts etc

yes they have as i need to gain improvement, so it is very useful.

yes, i can look back at solidworks situations i may have forgotten or find hard

not yet put them into practice for a project

not had chance to see the short keys yet


7.      How often do you accessed the movies?

 Weekly                                                                                                                 20%

Bi-Weekly                                                                                                           20%

I have accessed the movies 1-2 times over the last 7 weeks         45%

I have not used them                                                                                     15%


8.      Do you feel the movies could be improved, if so how?

I feel that if the demonstration of the more complex tasks are worked through at a slower pace, they would be easier to understand.

I haven’t watched them to say.

Some kind of hat… Use youtube maybe.

Nope they are very good. Great to know that they are there when you need to re cap on an area.

I am not sure however I believe that the shorter videos are better.

I quiet like the recent format.

I think the movies are fine.

Yes as they are clear and easy to understand


i have managed to make good use of them in their current format

maybe if it was a little slower to help us catch up


9.      Do you feel they could be useful elsewhere on the course, if so where?


I think the videos could be used for rendering sessions with markers.

Videos on sketching/rendering could be useful

sketching and rendering sessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe has quick marker rendering and sketch sessions to help people who are struggling or need it.

Rendering, modelling and work shop please.

Sketching! Rendering!

I think that if all modules had these movies then it would enable a good re-cap of everything as appose to a slide show that may not tell too much.

I feel that if some of tutors were to do rendering sessions (marker or photoshop) and capture them, it could be very useful.

Absolutely. On sketching, technical design and rendering.

I think they are best suited to this part of the course but would perhaps work in the workshop. Other than that they work best with the computing side of things since their is a lot to understand.

Drawing modules

The PDF module Mik runs could benefit from snappier, easier indexed video presentations, in my opinion.

helpful for other skills practice eg. rendering sessions

Other lectures we have in the studio, if i miss notes or forget something important that has been said

in designing using computers such as solidworks


10.  Later in the movie series a faceshot was added to the movie so you could see my facial expressions as the session was delivered. Do you think this helped or not, and why?

Haven’t seen them.

Have not seen the more recent ones

not particularly, I think a screenshot of the task in hand would make more sense.

I haven’t seen the videos but I think it might be distracting

It looked like you where playing Cod… what’s going on with your facial hair?

Not bothered by it.

I thought this actually detracted some of my attention of the video and acted a distraction.

It is helped. I can feel more connection to the session.

I don’t think it detracted from the video or added to it. The videos are fine with and without the face shot.

yes as it gives you the feeling of actually being in front of you

It adds a different aspect to the presentation, a personilisation which is welcome, but i don’t think it’s critical.

dont think it really made a difference

it didnt really make a difference for me.

I think it makes more lively and real-life lecture like

didnt really matter

i did not see this but it sounds handy as it can give a feel of direct contact with you teaching us even though it is not live




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