Adding Questions and discussion to Lecture+.

Yesterday I attended the University of Salford’s  2nd lecture of their master-class series by Michael Kerrison who is the Director of Academic Development for International programmes  at The University of London.  His session entitled “Developing flexible learning and setting the University compass. A case of knowing your products; your markets; your customers and your pedagogy” indicated to the staff at the University the strategic direction and considerations that are needed to create a successful International Flexible series of courses. I summarise some of the things I have taken from his excellent presentation. The UKs greatest serving markets were from that of the commonwealth with Nigeria being one of the biggest users of UK courses whilst burgeoning nations such as India, China and Brazil are proving difficult to create without working with partners to help with the cultural and language barriers but working with these partners creates a whole new set of problems. A UK institution who have successfully created partnerships are University of Nottingham and Ningbo University in China. Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh and The University of London are also active players. Access to reliable broadband is still a major problem to some of their key markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa so from a logistical standpoint student’s have choices of how the interact with the courses. They can do it remotely online and/or use locally staffed locations to meet with tutors that speak the language and understand the cultural issues they can also use physical books if their broadband connection is not sufficient. They could also do it at the University of course. So there are multiple models of delivery from traditional to online. The presentation concentrated on some fascinating figures of the rising popularity of flexible courses around the world and also how the leaders in online Mooc’s such as Coursera and Khan academy are now beginning to tie up deals with University’s such as the recent news story between Heriot Watt and Cousera, University’s are using these tie-ups to act as a promotion for their University courses as the Mooc’s are traditionally only short 10 weeks blocks which the University’s will then hope that the students on the Mooc’s will sign up for the full degree. More interestingly to my project, when Michael was talking about the forms of delivery he mentioned that they discovered that 50 minute lectures just didn’t work for the tutors and ten minute lectures exploring key concepts worked much better. He added that the tutors encourage a network of questioning and discussion through forums and the like. This is surely my next step could I create an atmosphere of questions and discussions through Blackboard, or on the Vimeo site where the short movies are located. CouId we use a twitter hashtag? Food for thought!


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