Mugshot addition into Screen-cast

In my Screen-casts this week I have introduced an active mugshot of me speaking through the session. This addition is an attempt to make the Screen-casts and lecture capture less robotic to the viewer and add a touch of personality. I wonder if the students will like the addition or just get sick of me:). A link can be found here: ( I also wish to express my thanks to my ex-colleague David Wingate for his help in creating this session.



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3 Responses to Mugshot addition into Screen-cast

  1. pgcapsalford says:

    Personally I really like the mug-shot addition to your screen cast – I think it adds a personal touch – and it keeps the screen cast still in the realm of lecture capture (by showing you delivering the lesson). You asked about references for the use of sound in education – I would still recommend a skim through Richard E Mayer’s book Multimedia Learning as he talks about the various elements text, sound, pictures, movement etc and how they interact with each other. CW and Allerton libraries have copies of this and his other book
    “e-Learning and the science of instruction : proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning”

    Here are a few links to get you thinking about sound and vision, although I would advise approaching these with an element of caution as they venture of into cognitive and technical areas of sounds use in learning that are way outside the scope of your ALT project:


  2. pgcapsalford says:

    Hi Craig,

    I’m pretty sure I have given you a link to this in the past but I had a re-read. Really good lit review of Lecture Capture

    Also a paper by Salford’s own Janice Whatley on video lecture summaries that may be useful

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