Review of technology being used for Lecture Capture +.

Prior to the ALT Project I ambitiously concocted a set of technological ingredients which I would need to work together if the project was to set off in the right direction. Blackboard Collaborate would be central but used in a slightly different way. Collaborate would be used as a means to record my teaching sessions then be available for the students to watch again via a link to the session on Blackboard. The screen capture feature in Collaborate would capture desktop movements during the session. A Logitech C525 ( webcam would capture the visual aspects of the presenter (me) both close up facial expressions and wider field body language. A Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Bluetooth headset ( to wirelessly transmit voice capture ensuring a freedom to roam. And a laptop. To my amazement when these technologies were brought together they functioned very well and so I went ahead and began to lecture capture full sessions that I was conducting with Level 4 Product Design students. An example of one of these sessions can be found here and they are of about 2 hours in length. Java must be installed to view this.

As the project progresses there is a developing need to question the effectiveness of full session lecture capture. This has prompted me to experiment with shorter ‘threshold concept’ movies that are on average ten minutes long, I have hosted these on Vimeo and the learners can link from Blackboard. An example can be found here, This particular example uses a free web software called Screencastomatic which allows 15 minute screen captures to be recorded.

I have also conducted a number of sketch sessions which I again have condensed into a shorter movie these were conducted using a Flip HD video camera mounted on a tripod then the files compressed and uploaded to vimeo, an example can be viewed here,



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