Ready for ALT!

Just about to begin the Application of Learning Technologies (ALT) module here at the University of Salford and am about to set out on my first task. Since completeing my first teaching module I have become interested in the use of technology with teaching and learning within the Higher Educational environment. My main learning goal is to explore the capturing of teaching activities through video and other technical means that will make the generated material engaging and immersive beyond that of simply capturing and publishing the lecture material, as I have previously explored ( Areas of ‘flipping the classroom’ and analysis of other possible technologies which could mesh with video will have to be researched. I recently took part in a webinar titled “The Pedagogy Framework” held on 4 september last week ( which is acting as a catalyst for my area stated above.  I hope to post my opinions and thoughts on the webinar soon.


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  1. Hi Craig – it’s nice to see you’ve already been thinking about things, too! It’s actually quite exciting, isn’t it? I got interested in video through being introduced to flipping the classroom as well, and I want to do an ALT project using video, too. Perhaps we can help each other out a little bit – you might know more about technology than me! I think your ideas sound good and I am sure you’ll develop a great project. Good luck!

  2. You are off to a good start here Craig. And Rebecca, it’s great that you are finding synergies already. 🙂
    I like the ideas expressed here and I look forward to learning more about them.
    I think it would also be a useful exercise to think about what kind of issue you are trying to address here. What is the rationale for creating videos? What issue are you trying to solve? How will your project make a difference?

    I hope this makes sense and that the questions will help you clarify your project 😉

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  4. samtaylor93 says:

    Hiya Craig I can’t come in today at half 12 the house has had a leak and got to sort that out any chance I can come and see you at some point later in the week?

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  5. Hi Craig,
    Great to see you already thinking about possible directions for your ALT project. I came across this blog post the other day by Mike Smithers who works at Swinburne University in Melbourne and thought of you …

    • despard says:

      Thanks Peter. Interesting read. I agree with the blog. This is the realisation I came to during the core module and the following quote from the blog explains it well. ‘Large scale recording of lectures perpetuates an outdated and increasingly discredited passive learning experience’. I am though glad I went through the capture experience for two reasons, 1) I am more confident with different capture technologies. 2) The reason I started it was more for my confidence building and acted as a tool for reflection on my delivery. I am hoping that my ALT journey will reach into making my developed footage into more of an engaging learning experience. Thanks again for the link, I realise that I need to read around the subject somewhat to get a feel for where research is currently at is helping me to do this!

  6. pgcapsalford says:

    Good talking to you this morning. Just to recap on what we talked about. To get up to speed with what you missed I suggest that you have a quick look at the following.

    The ALT Module Handbook and Weekly Plan
    Have a brief skim through the required reading, we have provided PDFs for both wk1 and wk2
    The #altsep12 on Twitter
    The ALT Discussion Board

    I thought your project idea was really interesting and I think that you will have plenty to write about from a technical and pedagogic standpoint. At the moment you need to focus on getting a rough draft of your Learning Contract up on your blog – and as I said earlier, the focus of this should be in defining a really strong teaching and learning problem.

    Thought these might be useful as a starting point for your reading , if only to have a look at the references section and see who the key researchers are in this field.

    The HEA Art Design Media Subject Centre archive
    There may be some discipline specific research here that is useful too …

    Best wishes,


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