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This conclusion takes me back to my original action plan which I set at the beginning of the module in my Educational Biography 1/6. At the time I hesitantly and unconfidently set 5 unambitious goals which I feel I have addressed with flying colours. Not only that, I have created many more goals along my journey of which I am very proud. The UK:PSFs dimensions and module learning outcomes where at the time quite intimidating. At the time I was concerned that my 5 actions did not venture deep enough into the true ethos of the PGCAP here at Salford. I quickly realised that I was on a focused, advanced and serious course with energy and ambition and I quickly became ‘caught up’ in its pace. This has helped transform and re-ignite my passion for education. These combining factors have enabled me to further develop my action plan in through my written reflection blog pages and posts and have benefited from addressing the UK: PSFs Dimensions and Module Learning Outcomes in  a much greater depth. I believe I have fully demonstrated the demands of  Descriptor 1 and have developed well within Descriptor 2. Dare I say that I have my eye on developing myself into the areas and requirements of Descriptor 3. Who Knows! I will find out in time:). To acknowledge and demonstrate my alignment to the UK: PSF I have placed evidence at the bottom of each page and used categories for my posts. Thanks to all on the PGCAP both tutors and fellow students, it has been a pleasure!


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  1. Hi Craig – I just wanted to say that I agree you have made loads of progress on the pgcap and I’ve found your willingness to experiment and try new things very inspirational. I hope you’re coming to the pgcap picnic. Take care – Becci

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