Professional Discussion post-thoughts

Here is my lego model that helps to describe my journey on the PGCAP. The gun is for shooting my demons along the way. The path gets more robust as I have stepped forward and my path has become more colourful and creative. And now I can see through the window of opportunity!. The discussion went well, I talked about elements of my good practice including my use of video to record sessions, my use of Captivate to produce short tutorial movies, and how I have used the PGCAP to bolster my teaching foundation and explore new and innovative teaching methods and become more creative in my delivery. I also talked of my increasing confidence with presenting, working in group’s and meeting with other University collegues. Also mentioned my enjoyment of partaking in the peer observations and how I did extra of these and wish to use them in the future. I also mentioned my impromtu presentation at the MELSIG event. I did not discuss e-portfolio’s  and the power of online networks to extend the classroom and improve my own practice via peer to peer discussion. There are other things I did not discuss that I wish I would have and I also feel that I could have gone into more depth with regard to teaching and learning benefits for the students.


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