Action Learning Set Presentation on Learning Theories

Our task was to create a story around a learning theory to make it more memorable and enable your peers to make connections with their own experiences. ‘Storytelling is recognised as a valuable tool in higher education for sharing information, developing own understanding, reflecting and learning, carrying out research and connecting with others in a more memorable way that captures the holistic lived experience’ (Moon, 2010 cited in Blackboard-Core Module-Wiki). We presented our story as a News Flash to the PGCAP, Corejan12 cohort on Thursday March 15th. I think the audience liked it and it looks as though our group gamble paid off. I think we were lucky we had Liz Peters in our learning set who is a very accomplished presenter and she managed to make us look like experts in her exciting newsflash. The Newsflash can be seen here.

The reading of the theories was quite intense, taking a few reads of the chapter to fully understand and make a summary that would be quick and snappy for quite a heavy subject. I think we succesfully acheived this and made the 14 minute newsflash easy to follow and easy to take something away from watching it. My section starts at 4:51 into the newsflash. I hope you enjoy. Thanks again Liz! We salute you!


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One Response to Action Learning Set Presentation on Learning Theories

  1. lizpeters01 says:

    Ha, just saw this! Thanks Craig, although you guys did the hard work, I’m just the mouthpiece! 😀 Glad we did something a little different!

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