Mixed Reality Game – All Stages – Digital file size awareness and management

As part of the PGCAP we were tasked with participating in a mixed reality game to experience the benefits of game play on learning. We met in Manchester City centre and were paired up into teams. My team mate was Carina and we had £3each to spend on something that would help us to describe a learning problem to students in one hour only. The threshold concept I regularly describe is outline below.

This is a difficult threshold concept in which to embed into the students work patterns on Design courses.  Digital data such as an image come in many different file sizes from small to large. Learners need to be aware of the possibilities and limitations of an image for instance that if they printed it out would the image appear clean and crisp and at what physical size the image can withstand before it is deemed as low quality output. The challenge is that when using main stream software the above problems are not really an issue because they compress the image for the user, this is also true for online services such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. So students presume that higher end design software will do the same for them but it does not, instead it puts the editing power in the command of the user.

My £3 bought me two balls, and I also acquired a coffee bean (which I called the animal dropping) to use as my props to communicate my concept. Below is a link to the coffee shop in Manchester in which we removed one or two customers in our desired area and occupied the space. Click on the Youtube video below to get an insight into my concept.

I have now developed my concept into a quick and snappy graphic which communicates the idea with speed. So please meet Mr Big and Little file size who are both very competitive.

Please vote for me!


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5 Responses to Mixed Reality Game – All Stages – Digital file size awareness and management

  1. pgcapsalford says:

    Hi Craig,
    Wonderful to see you have done some preparation for tomorrow.


  2. Hi Craig. I enjoyed your case study. Your demo in the coffee shop allowed me to understand quite well the problem that you were driving at. Do you think you could expand this with even larger props, and maybe run the exercise outside somewhere? Would that be appropriate? How do you think students would react to that? I loved your cartoon about the print quality wrestling match. Do you often use amusing visuals in the classroom? See you soon – Becci 🙂

    • despard says:

      Thanks Rebecca. Its interesting you talk about outdoor activities. Our next module which I am sharing with another member of staff, we are getting the students a little toy to play with! We are renting them a large truck ‘sleeper’ cab for them to conduct a user interaction/human factors study which they will use as a basis for a re-design of the truck cab. I think its quite a statement. I am going to use it as some sort of case study! No, I dont use funny visuals really but think i could do more!!

  3. Loving the cartoon Craig – it brings the concept to life!
    Sarah 🙂

  4. pgcapsalford says:

    Hello Craig,

    I would like to use this opportunity to provide group feedback to all of you who have participated in all three stages of the game and submitted your case study for the competition.

    As you know we have a winner who will be announced at the end of this week’s session and receive our book prize.

    However, I know that we have more than one winner. Actually, all of you are winners! You have shown great commitment to learning and innovation and have evidenced throughout the game and during the writing up phase of your case studies that you see value in active experimentation to enhance your practice and the student experience.

    I am really really proud with what you all have achieved and I know that your creative ideas have already triggered further innovations in your own practice but also for colleagues. This is just the beginning of your journey of discovery and exploration. Keep challenging what is there to create even richer and versatile learning opportunities for you and your students.

    Very well done to you all!

    Chrissi, your tutor

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