Reflection on the Carol Yeager Lecture

Great lecture by Carol on Play and Creativity in education hosted over Blackboard Collaborate from New York. I think ‘play’ has got a place in education but must be managed within the educational delivery. Placing ‘play’ at certain points in a session can be very powerful. I must look to drop fun points into my sessions. It is difficult also to manage it with respect to ensuring it helps inform intended Learning outcomes (ILOs) but I guess the purpose of play in an educational setting is not to inform the ILOs strictly but help make a session run smooth enabling the students to stay engaged. Carol Yeager says ‘being to focussed on learning outcomes can be detrimental to the purpose and she suggest fun helps us step away and allow time for incubation and reflection’I guess that means I need to ask myself as an educator how much fun I am, what are student perceptions of me? A more fun approach to delivery can only be good.  Carol Yeager says ‘laughter and silliness are re-generative’

Staff need to be open with students to allow  fun to thrive in a relaxed staff/student scenario. Carol Yeager  suggests ‘climate of safety and experimentation’ must exist. Openess means students must be comfortable about the type of person their educator is, how open should you be with your students, how much of you do they need to know to help them ‘relax into fun’

Yes, failure should be celebrated, do-fail, do-fail, do-fail, is so important into understanding and breaking down concepts. And it is so important that students understand that it is failure is very constructive. I feel it leads to small often unnoticed steps forward on our journey. Then in the scale of years large progression is made. So I could make failure fun, educate them how to fail, ask them about a time when they have failed and ask them to reflect maybe on how the broke the problem down into manageable chunks.


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3 Responses to Reflection on the Carol Yeager Lecture

  1. carol yeager says:

    Thank you for your reflective comments, Craig. By jove, you have the spirit and the focus for the fun that can be learning. It is the process, the play part, that is the underpinning of the learning Once we make learning fun … it is contagious and lifelong learning has a good chance for continued engagement and long term survival. Let the fun begin …

  2. As a mature student in my first year, its good to have a laugh with tutors and students, it helps towards a good working enviroment , and contributes towards a good learning experience.

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