Initial reflection of Observation, Friday 17th Feb 2012

Had my observation on Friday. Went well but have lots to reflect on. Planned my session beforehand to what I thought was very thorough but I failed to see a classic week three style issue. The session was in the computing suite with a piece of software called Solidworks, its a 3D modeling package. The session started and I introduced Neil to the class. I planned the session to run as the previous week which went very well, though this week was going into a more complex topic. I started the session by explaining and showing the concepts needed to complete the session then I challenged the students to complete. I knew there would be confusion at this point though some began to solve the problem. I then explained how to acheive the solution in more depth and about half of the group began to solve the problem. The problem arose just after the hour mark and it became evident there was a gulf forming between the top end and the lower end of the group, this problem had not been so evident in the previous two weeks. The final 2 hours of the session was spent helping the students at the lower end up to a higher level, therefore leaving the top end to there own devices. After the session I felt that I had ignored the achievers too much. I need to address theis issue for the next session. Initial ideas I am having for the next session are to challenge the top end to move forward with set tasks and challenge them to solve the problems. Though I am not yet happy with this approach. I am due to meet Neil (my observer) and am looking forward to discussing my session in particular the problem area I had.


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