Team teaching with Chrissi!

This last week certainly has not been run of the mill. During the previous week ‘I drew the short straw’ in my PGCAP session, but it was’nt really the short straw because I really enjoyed the challenge as it turns out. So during this Thursday’s PGCAP session I had to team teach with our tutor Chrissi. Was nervous in the days before the session how was I going to be able to present a topic that I know little about  and also in front of a highly intelligent audience with Phds and what not? I met with her 48 hours before and we went through the powerpoint and took it from 68 slides to about twenty which was a relief. For some reason I was imaging that it would be all about me trying to explain quite complex educational topics, Chrissi gave me a great tip she said turn difficult concepts to the audience and challenge them to explain what they think about a powerpoint slide such as Bloom’s Taxonomy. It worked a treat, it was really easy then to direct and input into the interactive discussion that happened. Its a real neat trick. I now think it is really important to incude the audience in discussion its a very good aid to learning. Chrissi’s session seem to flow and pass very quick , I think this is due to the variety in the sessions. As part of the session we set the desks out in the room in a traditional classroom way, all desk facing forward, as the participants came into the session they made various comments such as ‘it’s like school’ but when we later discussed what they thought and gave the option to change the layout they said they wanted to keep it how it was. Because our group is in week three and we of a more mature nature ‘getting older’ we are all very comfortable so discussion is blossoming, and the layout did not hinder the discussion. I think if it was week one or it was a group of younger, less confident audience then i dont think that layout would work. I think our group quite liked it also because it reminded them of the old days. Well, thanks to the audience for making me feel so at ease and of course Chrissi for her direction, encouragement and brilliance. Hope she reads this, 🙂


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One Response to Team teaching with Chrissi!

  1. pgcapsalford says:

    Hi Craig,

    Just read this ;o) Thank you for challenging yourself and taking the risk. You did really well and I am pleased you saw this challenge as an opportunity. I think it helped you instantly grow in confidence and I am really happy about this.

    Regarding desks. I have to say that it is the first time a group didn’t want to change the desks. I actually found this strange but it shows again that each group is different and unpredictable too. Also, what works with a specific group might not work at all with another group. This is when reflection-in action and for -for action come in handy.

    Well done Craig.

    ps. Please note, if you would like me to provide feedback on any of your work, you will have to let me know, ok? Thanks.

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