First chapter read!

Like the content in the last sentences of the first chapter of Teaching for Quality Learning at University (Biggs and Tang) “Is it fair to Susan to divert resources from her in order to deal with Robert”. This was a question that was whirling in my head during the last few pages of the chapter and one I often ask myself in my own practice. Constructive alignment appears to be more to the benefit of Robert. I think this effort within constructive alignment is only fair if equal effort is given to Susan towards techniques to further develop Susan’s already gifted abilities. Really looking forward to finding more about constructive alignment.


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  1. This is a good question / point, Craig. In one of my classes, I have some bright students who have – without realising it – gone ahead in their own time and done the work that we would be doing in the seminars. However, I have to go through the normal seminar work with the other students (no complaints there, that’s what we’re meant to be doing) but I’ve got to think of something stretching and engaging on the spot for the more enthusiastic students to do. I can indeed give the Susan’s more of my resources but that involves me spending even more prep time thinking of something that they could read or do should they complete the set work quicker. Also, if I do set extra work for brighter students, do I want to have some students working on their own, streaking ahead alone? How can we integrate the ‘Roberts’ and the ‘Susans’ together? I was thinking about getting brighter students to lead discussion groups or help other students check their understanding. Or create seminar ‘teams’ that have a more able student as a prominent voice in the group. What do you think? We could even get brighter students to set a task or think of some questions for a group discussion. Just some thoughts.

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